@robins robins released this Oct 13, 2017

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This is the first Alpha Release, and thus obviously not production ready, although feel free to test it out.

Titled 'Menon', this release includes varying levels of support for different DB Engines that can (even partially) speak the Postgres protocol.

Decent support for Redshift specifics:

  • SQL tab completion for Redshift specific SQL
  • Display Redshift specifics such as ENCODINGs / SORTKEYs / DISTKEY / COMPRESSION etc.
  • Support Temporary Credentials using IAM Authentication (via AWS CLI)

Basic support for:

  • PipelineDB
  • CockroachDB

Recognition semantics for:

  • RDS PostgreSQL
  • PgBouncer

You could read more about support level of various DB Engines via: