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Force Feedback Programming


Make evolvability really tangible while coding: that's what Force Feedback Programming (FFP) is about.

There are tools which might be able to tell you during CI if you wrote clean code. Or your colleagues give you feedback on this during a review. But that's pretty delayed feedback. It's hard to learn from it for next time. To write clean code in the first place still is not inevitable.

That hopefully changes with FFP! Because FFP will tell you right away while you're typing how you're doing on the evolvability front.

And not only will FFP tell you how clean your code is, it will actively hinder you to pollute it. FFP gives you visual feedback plus tacktile. You'll experience a real force right at your fingertips! Writing less clean code will become tangibly harder.

And all this is made possible through a simple Visual Studio extension you can even adapt to your coding style and level of brownfield.



You can download the precompiled Visual Studio installer package from the releases page.

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