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Where The Hell Is Kelley
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Where The Hell Is Kelley?

Or, how I keep my mom updated on my travel schedule with Python, Twilio and Google Calendar. For a full tutorial on how to run this check out the blog post:

Deploying to Heroku

This project has some modifications not mentioned in the blog post to support deploying to Heroku. Make sure you have a Heroku account and create a new project from the CLI

heroku create

Set the following as Heroku environment variables with heroku config:set VARIABLE_NAME:VARIABLE_VALUE. You can also find the expected environment variables in


One gotcha: make sure your private key is formatted correctly.

Deploy to Heroku:

git push heroku master

Once deployed, update your Twilio webhook URL to point at your Heroku URL instead of an ngrok URL. Then test it out by sending an SMS!

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