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name = Log-UDP-Server
author = Robin Smidsrød <>
license = Perl_5
copyright_holder = Robin Smidsrød
;Semantic versioning, see
version = 0.40.0
-bundle = @Basic
-remove = Readme
repository.url = git://
repository.web =
repository.type = git
move = README.mkdn
;Need to get my signing stuff setup properly...
Data::Serializable = 0.40.0 ; # eagerly awaiting with-version-based auto-detection in AutoPrereqs
[Prereqs / RuntimeRecommends ]
Readonly::XS = 0
; authordep Pod::Weaver::Section::Support
; authordep Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Encoding
; authordep Pod::Elemental::Transformer::List
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