A project demonstrating how to add a control CPU and On-screen Display to an FPGA core.
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This repository contains a demo project, tagged at key points,
demonstrating how to add an on-screen display and control CPU
to an FPGA core.

The Tags are as follows:
StartingPoint - A simple VGA test-pattern generator to which we
	add a control module as the series progresses

Step1 - Adds a ZPUFlex CPU core which periodically signals the
	test pattern generator.

Step2 - Hello World, testing an on-screen display component.

Step3 - Adding keyboard control.

Step4 - Adding a menu controlled by the keyboard.

Step5 - Arbitrating for access between the control module and host core.

Step6 - Loading files from SD card.

Checkout instructions

The Control Module uses the ZPUFlex processor, which this repository includes
as a git submodule - to pull in the requisite files do the following:

> git clone https://github.com/robinsonb5/CtrlModuleTutorial.git
> cd CtrlModuleTutorial
> git submodule init
> git submodule update