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Lambda Calculus Interpreters

This project consists of two interpreters for the lambda calculus, both implemented with a call-by-value evaluation scheme. Each is contained within its own directory and can be compiled into an executable by running make in the proper directory. Then content can either be read from a file or from STDIN by running the command ./interp Additionally, each directory contains a file that, when evaluated, computes the factorial of 5. This file may be especially useful in building up some primitives for the untyped lambda calculus.

Untyped Lambda Calculus Interpreter

This is a simple implementation of the lambda calculus, suitable for use with church numerals, church booleans, and church pairs, and the Y combinator. The language is as follows:

e ::= x | e1 e2 | lambda x. e

Some examples of acceptable programs are:

(lambda x y. x) (lambda z. z)
let id = lambda x. x in
lambda y. id
let zero = lambda s z. z in
let succ = lambda n. lambda s z. s (n s z) in
succ (succ zero)

Some examples of an uncceptable programs are:

lambda. lambda lambda

This is nonsensical.

(lambda x. y) (lambda x. x)

This will yield an unbound variable exception.

Typed Lambda Caclulus Interpreter

This is an interpreter for a much more expressive language that includes and typechecks ints, bools, pairs, and recursive functions without the Y combinator. The language is as follows:

e ::= x | e1 e2 | lambda x : t. e
     | if e1 then e2 else e3 | let x = e1 in e2 | let rec x : t = e1 in e2 | (e : t)
     | n | true | false | (e1, e2)
     | unop e | e1 binop e2
unop ::= not | neg | fst | snd
binop ::= + | - | * | / | and | or | == | /= | < | <= | > | >=

Some examples of acceptable programs are:

(lambda x:int. x) 10 * 20
(1,2) == (0+1,3-1)
let rec fact:(int -> int) = lambda n:int. if n==1 then 1 else n*(fact (n-1) )in fact 5

Some examples of unacceptable programs are:

true < false

Comparators are not defined on booleans.

1 + true

This will yield a type mismatch error.

let rec x : int = x + 1 in x

This will yield a recursion error, as x is not a function.


Suggestions, comments, issues, and pull requests are all encouraged! I can be reached at and my website can be found here

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