exploratory research regarding the number of syllables in frequently used words in english vs. spanish
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Anaylsis on Number of Syllables in Frequently Used Words: Comparing English and Spanish

This project explores the proportion of words in English and Spanish that have different numbers of syllables. It uses the 20,000 most frequently used words in the two languages (English and Spanish respectively). It uses algorithms based on linguistic rules provided for English and Spanish and the findings are published on Medium.

Code relevant to the splitting of words in the two languages are located in english.py and spanish.py. The ingestion of the lists of words and the counting of syllables occurs in main.py.

Contact Me

If this project interests you or if you have any questions or ideas feel free to open an issue (or even better a PR) or contact me here. You can also learn a bit more about me and check out some thngs I'm interested in here.