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SWIG Ruby problem with subclass in other namespace

This is an example showing a bug in SWIG Ruby, where the Ruby class is wrong in the following situation:

module base.i:

class Foo::Bar;

module sub.i:

class Foo::Sub::Bar;
Foo::Bar *bar();
Foo::Sub::Bar *subbar();

Now, when calling bar() from Ruby, the Ruby class of the returned object is Foo::Sub::Bar, where instead it should be Foo::Bar. The class of subbar() is Foo::Sub::Bar (which is correct):

bar: Foo::Sub::Bar
subbar: Foo::Sub::Bar

Running the example

To build and run the example, do the following:

ruby test.rb

Then have a look at the output.

You may have to configure the path to the SWIG binary in

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