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Hi! and thank you for providing a great library.
As I mentioned in the title of this post, taglib-ruby cannot handle data in memory like a instance of StringIO Object, right?
I guess we need to have a audio files as a "Fle" in the file system, and pass the file-path as a String to "taglib-ruby".

I am dealing with audio files compress in zip files and doing stuff with "zipruby", without extracting the files.
It would be great if taglib-ruby could handle in-memory stuff.

Sorry for posting this as a Issue, and my bad English.
I wish I could contribute but I am very low experienced in native extension programming :-(

robinst commented Jun 27, 2012

Yes, a very good idea! Taglib (the underlying C++ library) in fact added support for this here: taglib/taglib@65ca29b

Unfortunately, it's not yet in a release, so I can't do much in taglib-ruby. It will probably be in 1.8 though.

So for the moment you'll have to extract the files I'm afraid.


Good! Looking forward to it!

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