@robint99 robint99 released this Sep 27, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

Summary of changes included this version:

  • a bug fix
  • app actions have been removed from the window list and now have their own popup window, which can be disabled if required
  • the window list now appears in response to a click on an app's icon when the app has more than one window open
  • on Gtk3 action lists and window list colours should now match the panel
  • the applet now integrates with the Compiz window manager to provide previews of an app's open windows

In detail...

Bug fix

Fixed bug where window lists could span monitors on multi monitor setups.

App actions

App actions - e.g. Pin/Unpin, Open New Incognito Window (for Google Chrome)- have been removed from the window list and now appear in place of the window list when the mouse hovers over an app's dock icon:


A new configuration item has been added to disable the action list popup for users who find them distracting:

disable act list opt

If the popup is disabled, app actions can still be selected by right clicking on the app's dock icon:

right click action list

Clicking on an app's icon

The configuration option that selects whether to restore all of a running app's windows or only the last active window when its dock icon is clicked has been removed. The effect of clicking an app's icon now depends on whether or not the app is running and how many windows it has open.

  • If the app is not running, clicking its icon will start it
  • If the app is running and has only a single window open, the window will be activated
  • If the app is running and has more than one window open, the window list will be displayed (it can be dismissed by selecting a window, moving the mouse away from the applet and window list, or clicking the app's icon again)

As previously, shift-clicking a running app's icon will start a new instance of the app (not all apps support multiple instances however...)

Window lists

On MATE Gtk3, window lists and action list windows will now use colours from the Gtk theme and should match the panel:

win list colours

On both Gtk2 and Gtk3, when a custom panel colour is set, window lists and action lists will use this colour for their background, and choose a suitable foreground colour to ensure that text is legible.

Integration with Compiz

A new configuration option has been added which allows the user to select whether to use the applet's built in window list for selecting windows, or to use Compiz:

win selection option

For the Compiz option, note:

  • Compiz must be being used as the window manager. This is easy to achieve with MATE Tweak.
  • The Compiz Scale and DBus Plugins must be activated in Compiz Config Settings Manager. See below

ccsm scale

ccsm dbus

When an app has more than one window open, clicking on it's dock icon will display previews of all of the open (and non-minimized) windows, e:g:

compix thumbnail previews


It seems that Compiz does not display or allowed selection of minimized windows in the Scale plugin or its Application Switcher (Alt-Tab replacement). This can cause problems when they need to be unminimized since it means that there's no way to select them. The easiest way to get around this is to use the dock's built in window cycling ability, i.e. by moving the mouse over the dock icon and using the mouse wheel to activate or restore each window in turn.