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@robintw robintw released this Feb 22, 2014

RTWTools version 0.92

This is the latest version of RTWTools, migrated from the Google Code site. That site is now no longer in operation, and releases are hosted here on Github.

The tools included in RTWTools as of this version are:

  • Calculate Spatial Statistics (Getis-Ord and Coefficient of Variation)
  • Calculate 3D surface area from a DEM
  • Shrink ROIs by one pixel
  • Translate ROIs by x and y distances
  • Percentile thresholds of bands (similar to Band Threshold to ROI, but with percentages)
  • Calculate ROI statistics
  • Calculate differences between spectra (BETA)
  • Create GLT files for use in ATCOR and AZGCORR
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