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🚧 Get and set dot-notated properties within an object.
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Get and set dot-notated properties within an object.

NPM version Build Status


npm install --save shvl

The UMD build is also available on unpkg:

<script src="//"></script>

This exposes the shlv object as a global.


import * as shvl from 'shvl';

let obj = {
	a: {
		b: {
			c: 1
			d: undefined
			e: null

// Use dot notation for keys
shvl.set(obj, 'a.b.c', 2);
shvl.get(obj, 'a.b.c') === 2;

// Or use an array as key
shvl.get(obj, ['a', 'b', 'c']) === 1;

// Returns undefined if the path does not exist and no default is specified
shvl.get(obj, 'a.b.c.f') === undefined;
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