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Portfolio Website

Key Features:

  • Custom mobile-first design, created with a cohesive mix of Materialize and custom components
  • Fully responsive layout created primarily with flexbox and custom media queries
  • Compressed images and lightweight animations
  • Bandwidth optimization (will elaborate / update this later)
  • Form submission using Formspree - no back-end required!
  • Workspace automation using Gulp

To Build & Run Locally:

Follow these instructions if you want to be able to run a copy of this project on your own machine:

Requirements / Local Setup

  1. Install Node.

    Enter the following lines into the command line to check that node and npm are installed properly:

    node -v
    npm -v
  2. Install Gulp

    From the command line:

    sudo npm install gulp -g

    Check that gulp is installed properly:

    gulp -v
  3. Install the following gulp plugins to the node_modules/ directory of the project:

    To install each plugin, use this command from the root directory of the project:

    npm-install plugin-name

Task Runner Commands

Run any of these commands from the root directory of the project.

I will update this part later