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Node module that allows you to attach a window as wallpaper in Windows.


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Node module that allows you to attach a window as wallpaper in Windows.

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This module only supports Windows

electron-wallpaper allows you to insert a Window between the wallpaper and the desktop icons in Windows. User input interaction with the window is not possible, therefore this module is suitable if you wish to build a desktop dashboard application such as Rainmeter but use Electron and NodeJS.

Example application

Example application gif

An example application is located in the /example/ dir, start it by running:

$ npm run example


Install electron-wallpaper by running:

$ npm install --save electron-wallpaper

Native binaries for win, mac and linux are prebuilt and downloaded when the module is installed.



Kind: static method of electron-wallpaper
Summary: Attach a window as wallpaper
Access: public

Param Type Description
window BrowserWindow Window to attach as wallpaper


const electronWallpaper = require('electron-wallpaper');
const currentWindow = require('electron').remote.getCurrentWindow();



Feel free to contribute to this module.

Before submitting a PR, please make sure that the linter runs without any warning:

$ npm run lint


The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.