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This repository is deprecated - themes/plugins are now directly installable through WonderCMS.

Plugins for WonderCMS 2.0.0 and higher versions (up to 2.7.0)

List of approved plugins

Installation: copy link to ZIP file and paste it in Settings->Themes & plugins

How to submit a plugin

  1. Create a ZIP file of your plugin folder and upload it as a release on GitHub.

  2. IMPORTANT: Make sure your ZIP file is created in a way so the user can simply unzip and upload it to their plugins folder. Test it with your built in WonderCMS plugins installer.

  3. Notify us

  4. All tested and approved plugins will be submitted and added to the list above.

    • Some approved plugins will also be featured in the official WonderCMS demo.

WonderCMS repository

WonderCMS community

WonderCMS docs

WonderCMS themes repository

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