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Plugins repository for WonderCMS 2.x.x+ (2.0.0 and higher versions)


  1. Unzip and upload your chosen plugin folder into your WonderCMS plugins folder.
  2. The plugin is then activated and will start working automatically.
  • You can also clone a speficic plugin to your WonderCMS plugins folder.

Approved plugins

  • Summernote WYSIWYG 2.0.0 + file uploader | author: Prakai Nadee // edit by robiso - Download
  • Create new editable areas 2.0.0 / Create additional contents | author: Prakai Nadee // edit by robiso - Download
  • Contact form 2.0.0 | author Herman Adema // edit by robiso Extra instructions - Download
  • MediumEditor WYSIWYG 1.0.0 | author: Yassine Addi // edit by Herman Adema - Download
  • Hits counter 2.0.0 | author: Yassine Addi // edit by robiso - Download

How to submit a plugin

  1. Create a plugin and upload it to GitHub.

  2. Create a ZIP file of your plugin folder and upload it as a release on GitHub.

  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your ZIP file is created in a way so the user can simply unzip and upload it to their plugins folder.

  4. Notify us

  5. All tested and approved plugins will be submitted and added to the list above.

    • Some approved plugins will also be featured in the official WonderCMS demo.

If any errors occur, please correct file permissions to 644 and folder permissions to 755. You can do this manually or with the script below (added by Bill Carson)

  • find ./ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
  • find ./ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

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