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Themes/templates for WonderCMS 2.0.0 and higher versions

List of approved themes

Installation: copy link to ZIP file and paste it in your Settings->Themes & plugins

How to create theme in 8 easy steps

How to submit a theme

  1. Create a ZIP file of your theme folder and upload it as a release on GitHub.

  2. IMPORTANT: Make sure your ZIP file is created in a way so the user can simply unzip and upload it to their themes folder. Test it with the built in WonderCMS theme installer (Settings->Themes & plugins).

  3. Notify us

  4. All tested and approved themes will be submitted and added to the list above.

    • Approved themes will also be featured in the official WonderCMS demo.

WonderCMS website

WonderCMS community

WonderCMS docs

WonderCMS plugins repository