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WonderCMS documentation

Use the quick links on your right to start reading up on WonderCMS.
Start with some simple do's and don'ts listed below.

✓ DO

  1. Copy the default theme folder and rename it if you are making changes to it.
    • important because the built in one click updater overwrites the default theme.php and style.css.
  2. Create functions.php instead of editing index.php.
  3. Always backup before updating.
  4. If you are running WonderCMS on a local machine, install a certificate to avoid the persistent "Update" message error.


  1. Don't edit index.php.
    • Important because the built in one click updater overwrites index.php. Any changes made to index.php WILL BE LOST after clicking "Update".

Common questions / help

Theme help

Need support? Check out the WonderCMS community.