One click update

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When there's a new version of WonderCMS available, an "Update" button appears above your settings panel.

  • Example of the Update button is shown here.

Explanation of how it works

Once you're logged in your website, a comparison between the version written the WonderCMS index.php file and the latest version file on GitHub is made.

If those two versions are different, the update button appears as shown in the example above. Once the "Update" button is clicked, your old index.php file is overwritten with the new one we provide from GitHub.

What gets updated/frequency

  • index.php gets updated with each update

NOTE 1: Always use the one click backup feature before updating. Delete backup files from server after downloading them.

NOTE 2: Backup your index.php if you've made changes to it. This prevents any changes made from being overwritten when updating.

NOTE 3: If you've made changes to index.php and want to turn off the update message (STRONGLY DISCOURAGED DUE TO SECURITY UPDATES), change the version number in your index.php to match with the latest version number and apply WonderCMS updates manually. This step would have to be repeated each time there is a new version of WonderCMS.

NOTE 4: Use functions.php instead of editing index.php.

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