Restore backup

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How to restore a backup in 3 steps

NOTE: This step requires logging into your hosting control panel.

  1. On your computer, unzip the backup you have downloaded through WonderCMS (Security -> Backup).
  2. Log into your hosting provider's file manager (cPanel/FTP/DirectAdmin/admin panel, ...) with login information as provided by your hosting provider.
  3. Upload and overwrite all files from the unzipped backup folder (from your computer) to your hosting provider.

If any errors occur after restoring a backup

  • set 755 permissions to all folders
  • set 644 permissions to all files

Delete backups regularly to avoid large ZIP backup files

Backing up your website while there are existing backups on your server can lead to longer wait times for the backup to be generated and downloaded. This happens because you are essentially backing up all previous backups and the final backup ZIP file results in being humongous in size.

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