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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<oddjob id="this">
<sequential name="${} Ants">
<bean class="org.oddjob.util.ClassLoaderDiagnostics" className="" id="find-tools" name="Find tools.jar in Class Path">
<value value="${classpath-test-ant.classLoader}"/>
<check name="Check tools.jar is on Class Path" value="${find-tools.location}"/>
<variables id="vars">
<files files="${global.projDir}/oj-assembly/lib/*.jar"/>
<files files="${global.projDir}/arooa/test/lib/junit.jar"/>
<ant classPath="${vars.path}" id="classpath-test-ant" name="Classpath Test Ant">
<echo message="Checking Ant Classpath..."/>
<foreach file="${this.dir}/assemble-ants-foreach.xml" name="For Each Project">
<tokenizer text="${assembly.projects}"/>
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