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A simple Trade Capture and Reporting application. This project is intended
to demonstrate how Oddjob can be used to install, control, and test an
Supported DBs
Requires Oddjob 1.2 to run.
To Run
Unpack the
$ bin\tracar-hsqlm
This will run tracar using an in memory HSQL instance.
Other scripts:
To Install
To install MySQL schema and main the main TraCaR processes as Window
Edit profiles\mysql\ (or copy the directory to create
a new profile and then edit the tracar.properites file).
$ bin\tracar-install
Select the profile directory i.e. mysql
You will be prompted If you wish to install the db and/or the services.
$ bin\tracar-mysql
This will launch monitoring of the services using servers and ports defined
in profiles\mysql\
If you are using a different profile then change the TRACAR_PROFILE
environment variable in the script.
To Build
Unpack the
$ mvn package
To Uninstall
$ bin\tracar-uninstall
Will prompt for a profile and uninstall the database and services. It won't
delete the tracar application.