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UCS Director support for Infinidat

This work was created to integrate Infinidat arrays into UCSD director. In this particular case the plan for the integration to include;

  1. A new pod type
  2. Infinidat array statistics
  3. Infinidat array management
  4. UCS Director tasks to automate Infinidat arrays
  5. Reports related to Infinidat arrays

1. A new pod type

I created a new pod type, although not an official name, I have called it an "INFINI-POD". This will allow, a hypervisor, UCS, Nexus and an Infinidat array to be added to form the "INFINI-POD". The Infinidat array can also be added to a Generic pod, if you are building your own mixed environment or wish to add to a current pod.

alt text

2. Infinidat array statistics

As of now, a lot of data is being collected from the array and from research and customer conversations these are the stats that seem to be the most relevant to show.

alt text

3. Infinidat array management

All elements have now got management capability. On the volumes tab you can create, edit and delete volumes from within UCSD and the same is true for pools and hosts. The hosts tab has additional functionality to create, edit and delete ports and lun mappings! Cluster management has now been added, along with snapshot and clones!

alt text

4. UCS Director tasks to automate Infinidat arrays

There are a number of tasks currently in place and they are in various stage of development. Below is a list of their current status;

Active Task Status Action
[ ] New Volume 100% Allows the creation of a new volume, setting, size, provisioning type, pool, etc
[ ] Delete Volume 100% TBC
[ ] Delete Volume By ID 100% TBC
[ ] Edit Volume 10% TBC
[ ] Rollback Volume 10% TBC
[ ] New Host 10% TBC
[ ] Edit Host 10% TBC
[ ] Delete Host 10% TBC
[ ] Rollback Host 10% TBC
[ ] New Pool 100% TBC
[ ] Edit Pool 10% TBC
[ ] Delete Pool 100% TBC
[ ] Rollback Pool 10% TBC
[ ] Map Host to Volume 10% TBC
[ ] Unmap Host to Volume 10% TBC
[ ] Map rollback 10% TBC
[ ] New Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Edit Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Delete Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Add Host to Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Delete Host from Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Add Volume to Cluster 10% TBC
[ ] Delete Volume from Cluster 10% TBC

5. Reports related to Infinidat arrays

In planning stage

Supported Platforms

The majority of the development work was completed using a VM image of the Infindat array, however this has now been tested against real arrays and changes complete to ensure wider compatibility.

  • Infinidat VM Image
  • F2130

If you do use this with other Infinidat arrays and encounter bugs(or features), please create issues so I can track them and fix them.

UCS Director

If you are new to UCS Director or need to download it to test in your environment and ultimately test this plugin, please go to this site; Cisco UCS Director Download

Reporting Issues

Please report as many issues as you encounter, the more the merrier!

If your new to github or need a reminder on how to open, update or close issues, please see here;

Built with - tools

The tools used during the creation of the plugin were;

Built with - Java extensions

These were the Java JAR files added for additional functionality;


The installation of the plugin will require a) Shelladmin access to the UCS Director server, b) downtime to the UCS Director server and c) approximately 10 minutes to reload all of the UCS Director services.

A quick installation process is documented here;


I try to ensure that all branches and tags are fully working without issues, but at the least each are full releases with all code, dependencies and successful build files.

If you try the master and encounter bugs, please try the latest tag release, which is tested and verified in a working state.


This module was primarily developed using UCS Director, however it was tested with 5.5 and on the 23rd June 2016 was migrated for development and testing onto UCSD 6.0 Beta 1. I would therefore expect it to be compatible with all 5.4.x and 5.5.x releases and initial tests with 6.0 have been successful.


As well as addressing the issues as they are tracked within Github, there are a few items that I would like to implement in upcoming releases;

  1. Prebuilt workflows
  2. Testing on a wider number of Infinidat arrays


Thanks to anyone and everyone who has in any small part had input into this plugin, with special thanks to John Brooker from Infinidat for his import during the development and testing of the plugin.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


The Infinidat module is not supported by Infinidat or Cisco directly, it is a community supported module. Cisco Technical Assistance Center provides support for UCS Director as part of a customer support contract included in the software license purchase. Cisco does not provide support for 3rd party developed modules.


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