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Syre design documents
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Syre Design Docs

Syre is a tokenless protocol designed to provide transaction surety and make sending cryptocurrencies worry-free.

This repo holds design documents for Syre so wallet developers and the curious individual can take a gander and obtain a better understanding.

Please read through the Syre Whitepaper first so you have general context on what Syre is.

Currently a mock-implementation of Syre Invoices via types in Haskell is available in syreDesign.hs. It shows how invoice data, on + off-chain invoices, and multi-currency invoices could be represented within Haskell's type system.

As a small teaser, here is how multi currency invoices look:

data MultiCurInvoice = MultiCurInvoice [(Currency, SyreInvoice)]

An alternative way to view the same data type in a manner many more individuals will be familiar with would be:


    currency: "ADA",
    encryptedSyreInvoice: "..."
    currency: "ETH",
    encryptedSyreInvoice: "..."


In the future more examples of implementation (both mock and working) in various languages will be available with hard-set standards coming about once the first implementations come to life.

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