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This is an extension which allows for form-based editing of arbitrary JSON data on-wiki. To see this in action, visit

Installation instructions for JsonData

  1. Copy the extension as "JsonData" into the extensions directory
  2. Configure the extension in LocalSettings.php. An example configuration can be found in example/LocalSettings_example.php

This should be enough to get up and running.


A few tests to try with the example configuration:

  1. Create a page "Address:Test". This is an example of a basic address book.
  2. Create a page "Data:Test". This is an example of free-form JSON editing sans schema.
  3. Copy an example schema to the wiki. Create "Schema:SimpleAddr", and copy in the contents of simpleaddr-schema.json. Surround the contents with a tag.
  4. Move your config on-wiki and make a modification a. Copy the contents of example/configexample.json to a new article called "JsonConfig:Test". Be sure to leave either or tags around the JSON data. b. Set $wgJsonDataConfigArticle = "JsonConfig:Test" in LocalSettings.php c. Edit JsonConfig:Test, changing the following values: ['tags']['address']['schema']['srctype'] from "predefined" to "article" ['tags']['address']['schema']['src'] to "Schema:SimpleAddr"
  5. Edit "Schema:SimpleAddr", adding or removing a field
  6. Create a page "Address:Test2", and note your change to the schema.


JsonData extension for MediaWiki






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