Game engine for the Pit commodity-trading card game
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This is a game engine for the Pit commodity-trading card game. The core code here is the game engine, which approximates the rules and gameplay of the card game. The idea is for you/anyone to write players and pit them against each other.

Note: the code appears to be functional but I haven't done comprehensive testing. Please let me know if you find issues and/or submit a fix. Thanks!

There are two version of the game engine:

Synchronous version

  • pit/sync/
  • game engine runs a single game loop, fetching & processing player actions one at a time

Async version

  • pit/async/
  • players are spawned as processes, each with its own pipe and queue for communication back to the game engine
  • my current sample/debugging players (SimplePlayer) are extremely inefficient, taking several minutes (and hundreds of thousands of decisions) to complete a single game to 500


if you are interested in buying the game, I recommend "Deluxe Pit" which comes with a bell :-)