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Lock With A Clock

Lock With A Clock’ is a simple, yet effective, lock screen for your OS5-OS7.1 BlackBerry smartphone.

Setting up a sane build environment (on OS X)

  1. Install Eclipse. You'll just need this to download the BB SDKs.
  2. Add this Update site:
  3. Install "BlackBerry Java SDK 7.1" + "BlackBerry Java SDK 5.0" (and the Java Plug-in CORE if you like)
  4. Install Oracle's Java ME SDK 3.0
  5. Copy the J2ME SDK's native preverify command somewhere: cp /Applications/ ~/bin
  6. Install ant
  7. Install bb-ant-tools, copy the .jar to ~/.ant/lib
  8. Copy SignatureTool.jar from the 7.1 SDK and your sigtool.* into some folder you choose (~/.blackberry-sign sounds good): mkdir ~/.blackkberry-sign && cp /Applications/Eclipse/plugins/net.rim.ejde.componentpack7.1.0_7.1.0.7/components/bin/SignatureTool.jar ~/.blackberry-sign
  9. Create a copy of in the root dir of the Java project, call it and configure your BlackBerry sign dir and password
  10. Run ant clean build sign

Creating a BlackBerry Java project with IntelliJ

  1. Create an empty Java project
  2. Configure the project to use “No SDK”
  3. Add the net_rim_api JAR of the BB SDK you'd like to use as ‘External Library’