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Mono for the BlackBerry 10 platform
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Mono for the BlackBerry 10 platform.


MonoBerry is Mono for the BlackBerry PlayBook OS and the future BlackBerry 10 platform. The project consists of three parts:

  • Runtime: The actual port of the Mono .NET runtime to the QNX based platform for the ARM & x86 architectures (devices/simulators).
  • Libraries:
    • libblackberry—a C# library to access native functions (screen, camera, sensors, …) of BlackBerry devices.
    • Ports of existing libraries (OpenTK, MonoGame, …) to make them work with MonoBerry and the BlackBerry devices—based on libblackberry.
    • Future: Cascades#, a BlackBerry Cascades (Qt-based GUI toolkit) wrapper for .NET. (BB10 platform only!)
  • Tooling: Functionality to package a .NET assembly to a BlackBerry Archive (.bar file) and integration with tools of the BlackBerry NDK.
Building from source
Mac OS X
  • Install Xcode and the command-line tools
  • Install the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK
  • Install Mono
  • Install some more build requirements using homebrew: brew install autoconf automake libtool git
  • Run make && sudo make install

These notes are specific to Ubuntu 12.04 but should easily be adaptable to other distributions.

  • Install the BlackBerry 10 Native SDK
  • Install some build requirements, including Mono: sudo apt-get install build-essential mono-complete libmono-cecil-cil-dev git autoconf libtool gettext openjdk-7-jre
  • Run make && sudo make install

MonoBerry is standing on the shoulders of the following giants:

  • Mono: Open Source CLR implementation and SDK
  • OpenTK: C# OpenGL, OpenCL, and OpenAL wrapper
  • Nini: .NET Configuration Library
  • to be continued …

Copyright © 2012–2013 Robert Lillack.

Licensed under the terms of the MIT X11 license. Please see LICENSE for more information.

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