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simple, fast, and slick non-disturbing buffer list
Vim script
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VIM bufferlist

This is an implementation of EMACS bufferlist for VIM.


Upon keypress this script display a nice list of buffers on the left, which can be selected with mouse or keyboard. As soon as a buffer is selected (Return, double click) the list disappears.

The selection can be cancelled with the same key that is configured to open the list or by pressing q. Movement key and mouse (wheel) should work as one expects.

Buffers that are visible (in any window) are marked with *, ones that are modified are marked with +.

To delete a buffer from the list (i.e. close the file) press d.


Put bufferlist.vim file into your ~/.vim/plugin directory and set it up like this in your ~/.vimrc:


map <silent> <F3> :call BufferList()<CR>


let g:BufferListWidth = 25
let g:BufferListMaxWidth = 50
hi BufferSelected term=reverse ctermfg=white ctermbg=red cterm=bold
hi BufferNormal term=NONE ctermfg=black ctermbg=darkcyan cterm=NONE


Copyright(c) 2005, Robert Lillack Redistribution in any form with or without modification permitted.

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