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import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { File as IonicFileService, FileEntry, IFile } from '@ionic-native/file';
export class RealFileLoaderService {
constructor(private ionicFileService: IonicFileService) {}
async getMultipleFiles(filePaths: string[]): Promise<File[]> {
// Get FileEntry array from the array of image paths
const fileEntryPromises: Promise<FileEntry>[] = => {
return this.ionicFileService.resolveLocalFilesystemUrl(filePath);
}) as Promise<FileEntry>[];
const fileEntries: FileEntry[] = await Promise.all(fileEntryPromises);
// Get a File array from the FileEntry array. NOTE that while this looks like a regular File, it does
// not have any actual data in it. Only after we use a FileReader will the File object contain the actual
// file data
const CordovaFilePromises: Promise<IFile>[] = => {
return this.convertFileEntryToCordovaFile(fileEntry);
const cordovaFiles: IFile[] = await Promise.all(CordovaFilePromises);
// Use FileReader on each File object to read the actual file data into the file object
const filePromises: Promise<File>[] = => {
return this.convertCordovaFileToJavascriptFile(cordovaFile)
// When this resolves, it will return a list of File objects, just as if you had used the regular web
// file input. These can then be appended to FormData and uploaded.
return await Promise.all(filePromises);
async getSingleFile(filePath: string): Promise<File> {
// Get FileEntry from image path
const fileEntry: FileEntry = await this.ionicFileService.resolveLocalFilesystemUrl(filePath) as FileEntry;
// Get File from FileEntry. Again note that this file does not contain the actual file data yet.
const cordovaFile: IFile = await this.convertFileEntryToCordovaFile(fileEntry);
// Use FileReader on each object to populate it with the true file contents.
return this.convertCordovaFileToJavascriptFile(cordovaFile);
private convertFileEntryToCordovaFile(fileEntry: FileEntry): Promise<IFile> {
return new Promise<IFile>((resolve, reject) => {
fileEntry.file(resolve, reject);
private convertCordovaFileToJavascriptFile(cordovaFile: IFile): Promise<File> {
return new Promise<File>((resolve, reject) => {
const reader = new FileReader();
reader.onloadend = () => {
if (reader.error) {
} else {
const blob: any = new Blob([reader.result], { type: cordovaFile.type });
blob.lastModifiedDate = new Date(); =;
resolve(blob as File);