FaceAlign is a tool that can align a set of images containing faces
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FaceAlign is a tool that can be used to align a set of images containing faces. It is particularly useful for creating "time-lapse" face videos, such as this one : http://youtube.com/watch?v=7SXErQ4eYGU

How it works

FaceAlign is a Python script that uses opencv python bindings, which requires >= Python 2.6. It detects the location of the face in each image (opencv tends to err on the side of over-detection, and this tool will use the largest detected face) and will scale and offset the image so that the centers of the faces in all images will match up. This is based on parameters that can be easily set in config.py.


Once python and opencv are installed, open config.py and set HCDIR to the folder containing your opencv installation's Haar cascade files.

Run sizeToFace.py. It takes a required input directory parameter, and an optional output directory parameter. The output directory will be created if it does not already exist. By default, images will be output to the current directory. Output file names will be numbered starting with 0001.jpg.

$ python src/sizeToFace.py ../in-images

$ python src/sizeToFace.py ../in-images ../out-images

Eventual plans

  • Brightness/contrast normalization
  • Integration with ffmpeg for automatic video generation
  • A GUI

Common Errors/Solutions

ImportError: No module named cv

Solution: You have not installed OpenCV or the OpenCV Python bindings

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "<...>/src/facealign/src/FaceImage.py", line 133, in runFaceImage
 File "<...>/src/facealign/src/FaceImage.py", line 23, in cropToFace
   face = self._getFaceCoords()
 File "<...>/src/facealign/src/FaceImage.py", line 68, in _getFaceCoords
   cascade = cv.Load(HCPATH)
TypeError: OpenCV returned NULL

Solution: This means you have not set your HCDIR variable correctly. Open src/config.py and set HCDIR to [yourOpenCVDir]/opencv/data/haarcascades/, for example: HCDIR = '/home/doriad/src/OpenCV/opencv/data/haarcascades/'

So what's up?

Feedback, ideas, issue reports, and contributions are invited. Welcomed. Demanded, even. FaceAlign is fairly simple at the moment but I would be interested to hear if you found it useful.