Useful Packages

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Here's a list of useful npm packages that are compatible with roblox-ts.


Exports most commonly used Roblox services. This makes them really easy to use.

import { Players } from "rbx-services";
Players.PlayerAdded.Connect(player => print("Player was added!", player.Name));


A type safe implementation of BindableEvents written in TypeScript

import { Event } from "rbx-event";
const e = new Event<[number, string]>();
e.connect((a, b) => print(a, b));
let n = 0;
while (true) {
    wait(1);, "test");


A copy of kikito's inspect.lua library with type definitions.

import inspect = require("rbx-inspect");
print(inspect([1, 2, 3]));


A copy of Kampfkarren's DataStore2 library with type definitions.

import { ReplicatedStorage, Players } from "rbx-services";
import DataStore2 = require("rbx-datastore2");

Players.PlayerAdded.Connect(player => {
    const coinsStore = DataStore2<number>("coins", player);

    const cointAmountRemote = ReplicatedStorage.CoinAmount as RemoteEvent;
    function callRemote(value: number) {
        cointAmountRemote.FireClient(player, value);

    // Fire a remote event to the player telling them how many coins they have.
    // If this is their first time playing the game, they'll start out with 100.

    // Everytime the coin store updates, we'll send the RemoteEvent again.


rbx-resources lets you easily access game assets and create named instances in your game.

const event = getResource(RemoteEvent, "SomeRemoteEvent");
const sword = getResource<Model>("Weapon", "Darkheart");
const bindable = getLocalResource(BindableEvent, "FooBarBaz");


TypeScript and JSX support for Roact.

import * as Roact from 'rbx-roact';

const LocalPlayer = game.GetService("Players").LocalPlayer as Player;
const PlayerGui = LocalPlayer.FindFirstChildOfClass("PlayerGui");

const tree = <screengui>
  <textlabel Key="Label" Text="Hello, World!" Size={new UDim2(1, 0, 1, 0)}/>

Roact.mount(tree, PlayerGui, "HelloWorld");


Cmdr is a fully extensible and type safe command console for Roblox developers.

Great for admin commands, but does much more.

  • Make commands that tie in specifically with your game systems.
  • Intelligent autocompletion and instant validation.
  • Run commands programmatically on behalf of the local user.
  • Bind commands to user input.
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