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@@ -533,7 +533,7 @@ Example config entries for eFormFiller scripts
@cbind zn = @eFormFiller new
@cbind zl = @eFormFiller load
@cbind zo = @eFormFiller once
NEW action generates new file with formfields for current domain. Note that it
will overwrite existing file.
@@ -715,8 +715,8 @@ Events/requests which the EM and its plugins listens for
return/enter. If the user enters text where `<string>` has the underscore,
`%s` in the `<command>` string will be replaced by this text (optional).
- `<keycmd>` ends with a `*`: similar behavior as with an underscore, but also
- makes the binding incremental (i.e. the command will be invoked on every
- keystroke).
+ makes the binding incremental (i.e. the command will be invoked after
+ reaching the `*` point then on every subsequent keystroke).
- `<keycmd>` ends with a `!`: the command will only be invoked after pressing
return/enter, no replacement happens. this is useful for preventing `x` to
match when you want to bind `xx` also.

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