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Custom component adding the pimoroni pan-tilt-hat to Home-assistant: tested in HA 0.94 ok
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This custom component adds the pimoroni pan-tilt-phat to Home-assistant.

Place the custom_components folder in your configuration directory (pi@raspberrypi:~/.homeassistant $ mv ~/Github/pan-tilt-hat-HASS/custom_components .) or add its contents to an existing custom_components folder. Add to your configuration.yaml:


The adds the services:

  • pan_tilt_phat.home called with no data to return to home (0, 0)
  • pan_tilt_phat.pan which can be called with e.g. {"Pan":20} to pan to 20 degrees
  • pan_tilt_phat.tilt which can be called with e.g. {"Tilt":30} to tilt to 30 degrees

Python scripts & automation

This repo also includes python scripts and automations to add slider control as shown in the image below. Moving the sliders triggers an automation which calls the python script to move the pan-tilt-hat. Copy the required content of the example config files to your own config files.

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