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Starter code for an SEO enabled WordPress blog turned Gatsby.


  • Posts, categories and tags pages
  • WordPress Menu Integration
  • Yoast Integration on Posts/Pages - Still need to add fallback image setting
  • Facebook/Twitter meta data
  • Partly semantic - This will be improved
  • 404 Page
  • Image component to easily use images from src/images
  • Super speedy fast
  • Links to WordPress settings to get title and description
  • Easy Google Analytics Integration
  • Sitemap build in

Built for Netlify

You are welcome to use another hosting platform, but as this site is built be a blog template it made sense to host on a free Netlify account.

The Netlify Gatbsy plugin is included (can be removed from the gatsby-config.js file if not needed) to use HTTP2 files where possible.

Connecting to WordPress

Due to this build requiring admin access (for full control from WordPress) an env.development file is required for the development, and the same variables in this are needed as environment variables on you hosting provider.

The build doesn't currently create a static site when login details are not included. This will be added later

An example env. file is included as env.example


  • JWT_USER: Your admin user username - I set up a new user just for this. This makes it easier to control access rights.
  • JWT_PASSWORD: The user password - this is required to get settings information

Connecting to Google Analytics

To connect to Google Analytics all you need to do is add your Google IDs to the .env file

This build is set up to accept:
  • Standard Analytics
  • Optimze
  • Experiment
  • Variation

Need to include outbound link tracking as standard.

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