A quick command line tool for OS X to get your geographic coordinates using the CoreLocation framework.
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A quick command line tool to get your geographic coordinates using the OS X CoreLocation framework.

Download a zip with the latest version here.


Open with Finder to execute, or in the terminal. If it can determine a location, it will output longitude, latitude, accuracy in meters and the time the location was found. WhereAmI tries to get a recent location, and will not display one if it is more than a minute old (to avoid inaccurate results from CoreLocation's cached data). If it cannot get location data, it will quit and print an error message.


This is a quick and dirty example. I make no guarantees or warranties as to its accuracy, stability or compatibility (it should work with 10.7 and 10.8, but I have only tested it on 10.7). Feel free to do with it as you wish.



  • Fixed missing @autoreleasepool. Shouldn't be any practical changes, but it's good form.


  • WhereAmI will now check if Wi-Fi is not enabled and tell the user such if it can't get location data.