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Ruby API to UK Companies House XML Gateway.

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Ruby API to UK Companies House XML Gateway.

Companies House XML Gateway

The Companies House XML Gateway offers electronic access to a core range of company information from Companies House Databases. The service is accessible online over the internet by authorised XML Gateway customers.

For more details about the Companies House XML Gateway, including how to become a registered user see:


The companies-house rubygem has been developed independently of Companies House. It is in no way authorized or supported by Companies House.

Example usage:

Note usage requires you have a registered account with Companies House:

require 'rubygems'
require 'companies-house'

CompaniesHouse.sender_id = 'XMLGatewayTestUserID'
CompaniesHouse.password = 'password'

x = CompaniesHouse.name_search 'Canonical'

x = CompaniesHouse.number_search '05276648'

x = CompaniesHouse.company_details '05276648'
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