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Nodejs Express IdM system for managing user permissions across multiple resources using `cred` JSON web token protocol.
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Cred Server

This project aims to be a useful standalone authentication and authorization system for managing a set of user credentials and issuing JSON web tokens with permissions to access disparate resource servers that will accept the tokens generated here.

But this is also a sandbox within which to test new ideas and identify re-usable modules to break out into separate npm packages for use in more customized systems.

Started as cred-auth-manager, this project was originally intended to be one big piece that could be imported to new projects, but proved a bit too opinionated, and too restrictive in its architecture to be able to support a wide array of different use cases. Thus, instead, I've decided to still maintain this project as a standalone app, but also use it to find places where I can break off chunks into their own, more focused, modules that can be used in custom projects. They can then be imported back into this project and act as a demonstration of their real world usage.

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