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2011-02-24 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.16.0 "Big Smile"
* added search mode including text and numeric search (bug #866)
* added 'Remove Blank Lines' command
* fixed bug scanning files with non ascii encoding
* converted euclidean distance/spectral angle mapper to threads
* added busy indicator (throbber) to tab
* improved formatting for TextMode printing
* fixed load error on files without encoding (bug #865)
* refactored Graphviz major mode
* fixed fill paragraph for Fortran 77 comments
2010-08-18 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.15.0 "Hilbert's Hotel"
* added detection of bad layout.dat file (bug #847)
* correct major mode found when multiple extensions match (bug #844)
* changed process manager to use threads (bug #842)
* fixed improperly closed sidebar/springtab instances (bug #841)
* added improvements to Fortran 77 autoindenter
* fixed regression in revert file (bug #839)
* fixed bug in Replace All (bug #833)
* added detection of unicode byte order marks (bug #835)
* fixed spell checker to handle English contractions (bug #781)
* 'find' and 'replace with' fields can now be swapped (bug #845)
* fixed error on shutdown when minibuffer open (bug #850)
* minor keybinding major mode fixes (bugs #731, #754, #852)
2010-02-08 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.14.2
* full-fledged autoindenter for Fortran 77 (bug #805)
* changed sftp support to keep channel open (bug #826)
* added workarounds for enchant library problems (bug #822)
* fixed pubsub bugs resulting from not removing subscribers (bug #816)
* fixed bug with deprecated params in preferences (bug #824)
* updated i18n tranlations
2010-01-18 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.14.1
* added experimental sftp support for network file access (bug #820)
* fixed tab character problem in ChangeLog and Makefile modes (bug #812)
* fixed statusbar to show i18n messages instead of always English
* added context menu to notebook tab background area (bug #819)
* added context menu to open documents from same project (bug #818)
* updated i18n tranlations
2009-12-21 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.14.0 "Solstice"
* fixed code explorer refreshing in minor mode (IDE mode) (bug #761)
* changed AUI to Andrea Gavana's agw.aui rather than wxPython native AUI
* fixed notebook tab ordering problems (bug #669, #807)
* minor mode layouts are now saved allowing restoration of the editing
window layout when restarting the editor (bug #806)
* fixed autosave bug when file was locked by another process (bug #637)
* fixed bug preventing deletion of multiple macros
* added new i18n syncing with launchpad
* fixed SelectAll that failed copying to primary selection (bug #739)
2009-12-02 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.13.3
* Fixed error preventing usage of text styles dialog (bug #802)
2009-11-30 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.13.2
* added ability to modify language keywords in preferences (bug #801)
* fixed breakage in regex replace (bug #799)
* fixed bug when trying to display help for replacebar (bug #800)
2009-11-16 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.13.1
* now includes PDF of user manual
* fixed replace to stop after wrapping around to start (bug #471)
* fixed bug when searching for non-existent CTAG (bug #753)
* fixed bug in help browser when doc doesn't exist (bug #797)
* added m4 major mode
* fixed bug in bash-style completion (bug #796)
* changed version numbering scheme to incremental minor numbers rather
than git-based minor numbers
2009-11-11 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.13.0 "Odyssey and Aquarius"
* added help viewer and included htmlhelp version of user manual
* added experimental webdav support for network file access (bug #230)
* added insert file action (bug #430)
* added copy of user manual to peppy (bug #787)
* added reStructuredText mode
* fixed bug in STC highlight color logic (bug #789)
* changed list mode to use alternating background colors
* added printing support for list mode and dired mode
* fixed bug where files were getting opened twice during load (bug #792)
* fixed GTK keystroke for undo/redo actions (bug #764)
* fixed reindent bug in Makefile mode (bug #784)
* fixed bug in project settings dialog (bug #794)
2009-10-01 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.12.19
* added printing and print preview support
* fixed install problems on windows (bug #782)
2009-09-26 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.12.0 "Mars Ice"
* added new major modes to correspond with editra languages (bug #776)
* customizable major mode filename extensions now available in
preferences (bug #766)
* fixed bug in spell checker that causes freezes when deleting large
blocks of text (bug #775)
* fixed style editor in py2exe (bug #774)
* restructured Major Mode menu to prefer display of common major modes
rather than all major modes (bug #771)
2009-09-21 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.11.53
* improved spell checking to correct words on cursor move (bug #767)
* added profiles for running scripts with different interpreter versions
(bug #765)
* added array storage for parameters in INI file
* added support for ENVI spectral libraries in hyperspectral mode
* added preference to support X11 middle mouse paste (but due to bugs
in the wxWidgets C++ code, won't be correctly resolved until wx 3.0)
2009-08-22 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.11.23
* fixed crash when loading corrupted preference files (bug #759)
* fixed incorrect error reporting when mode creation failed (bug #760)
2009-08-20 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.11.18
* fixed modifier key specification in keybinding mode (bug #751)
* join lines now joins line and next line when no selection (bug #752)
* text transforms now check to see if text was actually modified
before marking file as changed (bug #755)
* fixed bug when recording macros from menu bar (bug #756)
* fixed bug when renaming macros (bug #757)
* fixed bug where Add New ChangeLog Entry disappeared (bug #758)
2009-08-16 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.11.7
* updated i18n from LaunchPad translations
* fixed i18n language selection on SUSE linux (bug #749)
* fixed automated build problem (bug #748)
* fixed style sheets for Sphinx docs
* added initial website documentation for macros
2009-08-13 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.11 "Macroeconomics"
* added macros including automatic recording of keystrokes and actions
* added macro list that shows macros available for current mode
* added macro list sidebar that shows all macros (bug #735)
* automatically save macros when quitting session
* added recent macro list (bug #701)
* added keystroke binding for most recent macro (bug #745)
* added minibuffer to execute macro by name (bug #730)
* fixed bug when repeating macros using prefix argument keystrokes (bug #746)
* fixed crash in project viewer on windows (bug #740)
* added multiple keybinding assignments in keybinding editor (bug #728)
* can now remove/rename projects in project sidebar (bug #587)
* fixed python mode reindent bug when comment chars appeared after colon (bug #717)
* fixed bug in Insert Raw Character (bug #706)
* fixed refresh bug in dired mode (bug #711)
* fixed hyperspectral image load for files > 2GB (bug #737)
* added check for valid CTAGS executable in project settings (bug #727)
* fixed regression in spell checking speed (bug #725)
* added reStructuredText support for TextMode code explorer (bug #741)
* added some more emacs compatibility commands (bug #733)
2009-06-11 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.10 "Free Repeater"
* new keyboard processing allowing quoted and repeated characters in
minibuffer as well as main text
* Control key can now be used as modifier key on OS X
* emacs keybinding mode on OS X now combines OS X and emacs keybindings
* added project/SCM support with basic integration with CVS, SVN, GIT,
BZR, and HG configuration control systems
* added templates to supply boilerplate text for new files in projects
* added CTAGS support for projects
* added user interface to change keybindings
* removed splash screen by default as it slowed down init by 2x
* added list of plugins to about:peppy page
* now automatically determines major mode when saving blank file
* fixed delay in opening/closing windows with multiple tabs
2009-05-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.9.86 "Spring Cleaning"
* fixed issues with sidebars not working in springtab popups
* fixed script start issues
* fixed reverse interactive search that wasn't checking for invalid string
* fixed text extent problem on Mac OS X
* added "ignore reoccurrences" option in crash dialog
* added WholeWordSearch option from
2009-04-20 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.9.27 "Spring Cleaning"
* much better Mac OS X integration
* OS X menubar now available when no windows are open
* added typical OS X Window menu functions
* added ability to define multiple keybindings for the same action
* fixed bugs in C++ class browser
* many bug fixes to hyperspectral image display mode
* improved error handling during major mode creation
* standardized interactive search to work like Firefox
* changed HexEdit mode to use new STCBinaryMixin
* fixed some missing emacs keybindings
* added emacs style transpose-chars and transpose-line-down functions
* added autosave after a user-configurable number of keystrokes
* added prompt to restore from autosave if autosave is newer than file
* added automatic backup file
* added Just One Space function from Chris Barker
* updated Editra style definitions
* added dialog box for unhandled exceptions, borrowed from Editra
2008-11-09 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.8.34
* File -> Save As now adds new filename to recent files list and has same
permissions as original file
* refactored context menu code to provide context menus to sidebars
* added label selection for spectrum plot in HSI mode
* fixed deep copy bug in structrecord
2008-10-21 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.8.17
* added Editra source code management status to project plugin
* moved project plugin to google code for development
* added workaround for Mac OS X lacking an AuiPaneInfo method
* refactoring of file load process into
2008-10-15 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.8.9
* added DiffEditMode to view diff files
* added make commands to code explorer in MakefileMode
* fixed CGContextRestoreGState errors on mac
* added better error handler when changing major modes
2008-10-07 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.8 "Bloviation Season"
* added SpringTabs, a popup system for sidebars
* added code explorer in SpringTabs, replacing function menu
* fixed regex search/replace using only '^' or '$'
* added --dbg command line option to turn on debug printing for
specified class name
* added File -> Properties menu action
* fixed bug where DOS paths weren't being identified as absolute paths
* progress bar maximum value now correctly set when switching modes
* changed title screen text to reflect that not all borrowed code is GPL
* added colormaps to HSI mode
* added image scaling command in HSI mode that generates a new image
* added capability in HSI mode to apply multiple filters in sequence
* added Gaussian convolution filter
* fixed seek errors in BSQ focal plane loading
* refactored HSI source code into multiple files for easier maintenance
2008-09-16 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Manny Being Manny"
* modified autocomplete minibuffer to allow item not in drop down list
* improved rendering performance of autocomplete minibuffer
* added Recent Projects menu that lists recent files opened by project
2008-09-12 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Manny Being Manny"
* tab now reindents a region
* fixed bugs in tab size and tabify/untabify calculations
* removed error message when duplicate keybinding is user specified
* fixed keybinding specification to be case-insensitive
* removed hsi/_utils C extension because the new numpy histogram stuff
is fast enough
* added spectral angle/euclidean distance and other spectral comparison
* added image export to save a hyperspectral image view as png or jpg
2008-09-01 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Manny Being Manny"
* added per-project view settings
* added keystroke in find/replace minibuffer to replace without moving
to next match
* fixed some usability issues with frame and buffer closing
* fixed problem with long filenames in text completion popup
* improved C/C++ function name matching in Functions menu
* fixed C style autoindenter's handling of semicolons
2008-08-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Manny Being Manny"
* changed idle handler to improve performance when many windows open
* now saving view position data when switching buffers
* dired mode now reverts correctly
* added action to sort lines by a particular field in each line
* user keystroke settings now take precedence if multiple actions have
the same keystroke
* added peppy actions for most scintilla keystrokes
2008-08-05 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.5 "Manny Being Manny"
* recent file list now saves after every change rather than at exit
* minor bugfixes to HSI mode
2008-07-31 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Hammer Thrower"
* changed HSI loading order to be able to display progress bar if needed
* moved GDAL support into plugins
* i18n updates: added Czech, Greek, Dutch, Occitan, Polish, Portuguese,
Brazillian Portuguese, and Turkish support
2008-07-27 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Hammer Thrower"
* pulled memory mapping out of Cube into CubeReader
* added direct file access for HSI data in BIP, BIL, and BSQ formats
2008-07-23 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Hammer Thrower"
* added project support
* added CTAGS support for projects
* added templates that are used instead of a blank file
* added bash style word completion plugin from Frank Atle Rød
* added progress bar capability to HSI.Cube
* added SciTE algorithm that guesses the indent size in a file
* changed default path to the home directory of the user rather than the
directory in which peppy was started
* added actions to hide all minor modes and sidebars
* fixed popup windows and the completion minibuffer on OSX
* added substring matching to completion minibuffer
* speeded up local file loading by turning off threaded loading for
file:// URLs
* added DescribeKey action
* fixed delayed display of subprocess output by polling with a timer
* added RunFilter action to run an arbitrary command on the current file
* improved Editra theme handling
2008-06-23 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.4 "Hammer Thrower"
* added check for files modified by other applications
* added close icon to minibuffer
* fixed windows ESC keybinding to close minibuffer when active
* changed job control to allow interpreter executables to be relative to
the user's PATH in addition to absolute pathnames
* added File Cabinet management to reorder list and delete items
* added Ctrl+Shift click on fold margin to expand/hide all folds
2008-06-18 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Zeta Function"
* added bookmarks for saving places within a file
* added support for creating subsets of hyperspectral images
* preferences now update per-view (local) settings if desired
* improved C autoindenter to handle classes and namespaces
* added electricDelete and electricBackspace to C autoindenter
* added action to switch to buffer using text completion
* added the beginnings of a user's manual
2008-05-05 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Zeta Function"
* added full python regular expression search and replace
* workaround for missing tab key event on OSX replace minibuffer
* fixed flickering splash screen on OSX
* spell checker is now a standalone object instead of plugin
* added action to sort lines
* revert now keeps the file positioned at the same line
* added action to change the font size (scintilla's built-in zoom)
* slider controls can now appear in toolbars
* added slider to quickly select bands in hyperspectral mode
* added Aptus plugin to distribution (includes compiled extension, so
only works on win32 and linux 64 bit currently)
2008-04-24 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Zeta Function"
* changed search and replace to Emacs style
* added scintilla regular expression search/replace
* added shell wildcard search/replace
* added help display for minibuffers, and a help item in the menu bar
* added repeat action to minibuffer actions (you can now search again
using the same keystroke that triggered the first search)
* actions can now assert they have the focus before operating (which
then allows global actions regardless of what has focus)
* added hooks into HSI mode to change initial viewing parameters
* added url query string and fragment support to mem filesystem
* fixed OSX problems (double Help menu, mac style modifier keys in menu)
* workaround for scintilla autoindenting bug on last line of file
* can now switch keybinding platforms on the fly through preferences
2008-04-07 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Zeta Function"
* changed plugins' attemptOpen method to return exact and generic major
mode matches
* fixed error in plugins when loading files with unknown extension
* updated GDAL support to GDAL 1.5 for hyperspectral images
* fall back to GDAL when can't memory map an image in ENVI mode
* moved plugins having non-core functionality to googlecode repository
2008-04-02 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.3 "Zeta Function"
* created new autoindent architecture
* added regex autoindenter based on KDE's Kate regex syntax
* added beginnings of C-style autoindenter based on Scintilla's folding
* much improved recognition of function names for C, C++, Java
* fixed problem in python autoindenter's handling of comments
* multiple untitled files can now be opened
* reorganized source code to provide examples of setuptools plugins
* added utility to select all text between matching braces
* added backslashify and unbackslashify commands
* added emacs style cursor movement commands from Christopher Armstrong
* added clipping filters to hyperspectral image viewer
* added DebugKeypress action to help OSX debugging
* added Mandelbrot set generator
* i18n updates: added Hungarian and Ukrainian and updated German,
French, Esperanto and Spanish message catalogs
* added new documentation on
* many bug fixes
2008-03-07 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* added parsing of some vim and emacs modeline options
* added simple bookmarks list to save URLs of the user's choice
* added image clipping to hyperspectral image viewing
* changed settings to apply to individual views instead of sharing
among all views of the same major mode
* fixed zero length files being interpreted as tar files
* fixed problem opening XML files
* added action to open files in new window
* started simplification process for generating py2exe files
2008-02-27 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* added on-the-fly spell checking using pyenchant
* added right-click action to suggest other spellings
* added more sample languages: Catalan, Esperanto, Italian, French,
Swedish, and UK English
* added Fortran 77 editing mode
* added new action to move a tab to a new window
* added action to revert a file with a new encoding
* redesigned the status bar to prevent flickering
* added preference to show whitespace indicators
2008-02-17 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* added i18n support (and no need to restart to change languages!)
* added sample languages: Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese & Japanese
* added setting for how new files are opened: in new tabs or reuse tabs
2008-02-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* fixed a bunch of corner cases related to unicode paths
* added file encoding and "magic comment" support
* added menu items for find and replace
2008-02-09 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* now works with unicode pathnames
* fixed other problems related to unicode support
* C/C++ modes now display rudimentary function menus
* added simple list of keybindings
* added menu entry for bug reports
2008-02-05 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* Revision 1000 in svn!
* moved action base clasess into peppy.actions
* added action tutorials to wiki
* synced Editra styling info to Editra version 0.2.50
* now checking fold capabilities of mode before showing Functions menu
* fixed missing about:untitled
* fixed memory leak in menu system
* fixed conflict with Cut keybinding (C-X works now)
* added command to set struct format in HexEdit mode
2008-02-02 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Oscillation Overthruster"
* added popup menus to notebook tabs
* added hooks for popup menus over major mode contents
* some Mac icons from Chris Barker
* added upcase/downcase commands to menubar
* added capability to wrap at word boundaries
* fixed bug in RecentFiles when starting peppy on a fresh install
2008-01-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.2 "Oscillation Overthruster"
* added documentation
* changed "Buffer" to "Document" and "Frame" to "Window" in UI to scare
non-emacs users a bit less
* added autocompletion support for Save As...
* cleaned up display of documents in the Documents menu
* simplified menu system for menus that had to be kept consistent across
multiple windows
2008-01-08 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* added default sort (by name) to dired mode
* default mimetypes are now used instead of default major mode names
* released ColumnAutoSizeMixin as separate library
* vfs autocompletion on filenames
2008-01-03 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* fixed error that prevented the preferences dialog from appearing
2008-01-02 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* speeded up menu generation by caching list of actions
* fixed problem on windows where major modes weren't getting destroyed
2007-12-28 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* changed bitmapscroller to use wx.Overlay
* added verifyMimetype interface to MajorMode
2007-12-19 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* added ColumnSorterMixin to buffer list and dired modes
* better error handling during file loading
* added PythonErrorMode
* updated ColumnSizerMixin
2007-12-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* changed major modes to be direct subclasses of wx.Window
* added MajorModeWrapper
* added mime type detection when determining major mode
* handle middle mouse select/paste on X11 platforms
* emulate middle mouse on non X11
2007-12-04 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* added virtual filesystem from itools
* added mem: virtual filesystem for temporary files
* fragments in urls are handled as line numbers in most modes (i.e.
file://blah/stuff.txt#223 will open the file to line number 223)
* clicking on file in python traceback goes to the correct line
2007-11-14 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "The Winchester"
* Included PyParse with peppy to guarantee compatible version
* Fixed indenting for windows-style line endings
* Fixed quit dialog problem on msw
2007-11-13 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.1 "The Winchester"
* Added function menu using the fold explorer backend
* Paths in python trackbacks are now clickable
* Added Buffer List mode ala emacs
* Alternate method to code plugins to allow on-demand loading (e.g.
prevents loading numpy until hyperspectral image mode is first used)
2007-11-07 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Kibbles 'n' Snouts"
* fixed reindent code for more corner cases
* added some default mac keybindings
2007-10-31 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Kibbles 'n' Snouts"
* added reindent code from IDLE
* added ChangeLog mode
* added mouse wheel settings (scroll by lines/page)
2007-10-23 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Kibbles 'n' Snouts"
* Added fill-paragraph
* Icons now bundled in for distribution
2007-10-22 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- update to "Kibbles 'n' Snouts"
* Added font configuration in preferences
* spaces now allowed in pathnames when running scripts
2007-10-17 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.7.0 "Kibbles 'n' Snouts"
* Dogfooding release! Used peppy to edit peppy
* Added minibuffer filename loading with tab completion
* Added M-x keystroke processing and tab completion
* Removed the Boa style editor and replaced with the Editra style
editor and style sheet system
* Fixed menu system that was causing massive slowdowns as a result
of event connections that were not removed
* Added documentation and samples of major modes, minor modes,
and plugins
* Added session saving
* Run and stop scripts from the editor
* Emacs-style lower-case-with-hyphen aliases are available for most
2007-10-09 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.6 "Wait for it..."
* Non-announced release, to allow iteration 7 and version 0.7.0 to
announce my dogfooding code
* Yes, this is totally "marketing" driven to have a .0 release be
announced rather than 0.6.6 which people may not pay attention to
2007-10-03 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy- "I'm not left-handed either."
* fixed mixed relative and absolute imports
2007-10-01 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.5 "Where's the sports?"
* Converted to yapsy plugins instead of trac plugins
* Added splash screen with progress bar
* Import i18n dependencies inside PeppyApp
* Added version numbering to major modes
* Added indicator on dnd in playlist
* Added autoscrolling to lists on drop
* Renamed the Cmds menu to Transforms
* Made toolbar hideable
* Changed preferences & settings to use custom editors depending on type
* Added py2exe support
* User-definable startup page
* Buffers now (optionally) loaded in separate thread
* Busy cursor now displayed if not loading in separate thread
* MPDMode: Add count of songs and total time
* MPDMode: fixed problem where it wouldn't show files in directory that
has both dirs and files
* Added goto offset capability in hex edit
* Added ability to specify integers in different bases
* Now use wx methods for determining user's homedir
* Fixed bug on windows, where can't up an new tab after closing the
last tab of a view
2007-09-08 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.4
* Added MPD major mode
* Created MPD threaded MPD client layer on top of libmpdclient2
* Changed minor modes to be mixins that are expected to also
subclass from wx.Window
* Moved sidebars out of and made changes analogous to
minor mode
* Added NeXTPanel, a NeXT FileManager like client to show
* Added support for setuptools plugins
* Streamlined buffer loading process; not so convoluted now
* Changed process for matching a major mode to a url
* Added widget inspector plugin from wx.lib
* Added an error logging sidebar
* Various bug fixes
2007-05-10 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.3
* Added hyperspectral image mode (requires numpy)
* Added zoomable image display for bitmaps
* Added preference dialog
2007-03-11 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.2
* Loadable keybindings using --key-bindings=win or
* Custom keybindings also specifiable in config file
* I18N support for text strings
* Line-endings supported: unix, windows, old-style apple
* Undoable line ending conversion
* Icons in the status bar
* Progress bar in the status bar and busy state added to modes
* New menubar layout based on Mac interface guidelines
* Better support of Mac menus (thanks to Chris Barker)
* Hide sidebars on application start
* File loading now based entirely on urllib2
* Added an application icon (although I'm sure it will change)
2007-03-01 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.1
2007-02-22 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.6.0
2007-02-11 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.5.1
2007-02-08 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.5.0
2007-01-13 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.4.0
2006-12-24 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.3.0
2006-10-17 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.2.0
2006-09-21 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.1.0
2006-09-07 Rob McMullen <>
* SVN import of initial code
2006-09-03 Rob McMullen <>
* Released peppy-0.0.1
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