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# Make distribution in preparation for creating a py2exe executable
make distdir
distdir=`make print-distdir|cut -c11-`
echo $distdir
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/ $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/hsi_plugin.peppy-plugin $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/project/ $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/project/project_plugin.peppy-plugin $distdir/peppy/plugins
# Create the eggs directory that will be used to store plugins
mkdir $distdir/eggs
touch $distdir/eggs/
# Unzip the platform independent eggs
ls -1 $distdir/peppy/plugins/eggs/*py2.5.egg | while read EGG; do
unzip -o $EGG -d $distdir/eggs
# add the platform independent eggs to the py2exe include list
./ -i $distdir -d peppy/major_modes -d peppy/plugins -e eggs
# Handle eggs with compiled objects. They don't seem to do well when placed in
# the eggs directory -- they need to be in the top level directory
ls -1 $distdir/peppy/plugins/eggs/*win32.egg | while read EGG; do
unzip -o $EGG -d $distdir
cat $distdir/EGG-INFO/top_level.txt | while read TOPLEVEL; do
echo "import $TOPLEVEL" >> $distdir/peppy/
rm $distdir/peppy/plugins/eggs/*.egg
cat > $distdir/ <<EOF
python py2exe
# The following DLLs are needed for Vista support
cp c:/python25/lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/MSVCP71.dll dist
cp c:/python25/lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/gdiplus.dll dist
/program-files/NSIS/makensis py2exe/win-installer.nsi
chmod 755 py2exe/*.exe
chmod 755 $distdir/
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