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Fixed cruft: hsi_major_mode_proxy was renamed hsi_plugin a while ago,…

… and I didn't catch the change here

svn-revision: r2281
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robmcmullen committed Sep 25, 2009
1 parent 4a6f4f3 commit 537c0bee3633318459aa94e34dccdac53afe5cbb
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@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ make distdir
distdir=`make print-distdir|cut -c11-`
echo $distdir
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/ $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/hsi_major_mode.peppy-plugin $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/ $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/hsi/hsi_plugin.peppy-plugin $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/project/ $distdir/peppy/plugins
mv $distdir/peppy/project/project_plugin.peppy-plugin $distdir/peppy/plugins

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