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Refs #868: checking in build script make-py2exe-plugin-list

* I've always used this file for building with py2exe, but apparently forgot to check it in!
* usage: ./ -i $distdir -d peppy/major_modes -d peppy/plugins -e eggs

svn-revision: r2624
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robmcmullen committed Nov 2, 2010
1 parent 685b1ba commit 84558ce25836382de357cac2bbf87bb033a9bf19
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@@ -0,0 +1,113 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os, shutil, sys, glob, imp
import __builtin__
from cStringIO import StringIO
from optparse import OptionParser
__builtin__._ = str
plugin_count = 0
lastfake = False
def entry(filename, out=None, copythese=None, fake=False, pyc=False, remove_prefix=None):
print "Processing filename %s" % filename
if filename.endswith(".py") and 'EGG-INFO' not in filename:
if copythese is not None and not fake:
if not filename.endswith(""):
if remove_prefix and filename.startswith(remove_prefix):
filename = filename[len(remove_prefix):]
module = filename[:-3].replace('/', '.').replace('\\', '.')
if out:
if fake:
global lastfake
if not lastfake:
out.write("if False: # fake the import so py2exe will include the file\n")
lastfake = True
out.write(" import %s\n" % (module))
global lastfake
lastfake = False
global plugin_count
name = module.split('.')[-1]
# Don't print any __init__ modules in the splash screen
if name != "__init__":
plugin_count += 1
out.write("app.gaugeCallback('%s')\n" % name)
print "importing %s" % module
out.write("try:\n import %s\nexcept:\n pass\n" % (module))
def process(path, out=None, copythese=None, fake=False, pyc=False, remove_prefix=None):
files = glob.glob('%s/*' % path)
for path in files:
if os.path.isdir(path):
process(path, out, fake=fake, pyc=pyc, remove_prefix=remove_prefix)
entry(path, out, copythese, fake, pyc, remove_prefix=remove_prefix)
def process_modules(module_name, out=None):
file, pathname, desc = imp.find_module(module_name)
if pathname.endswith(module_name):
prefix = pathname[:-len(module_name)]
prefix = None
files = glob.glob('%s/*' % pathname)
for path in files:
if os.path.isdir(path):
process(path, out, remove_prefix=prefix)
entry(path, out, remove_prefix=prefix)
if __name__ == "__main__":
usage="usage: %prog [-s dir] [-o file]"
parser.add_option("-i", action="store", dest="input",
default="", help="base input directory")
parser.add_option("-d", action="store", dest="importdir",
default="builtins", help="import directory within base directory")
parser.add_option("-o", action="store", dest="output",
default="peppy/", help="output filename")
parser.add_option("-e", action="store", dest="eggs",
default="", help="process unpacked eggs")
parser.add_option("-m", action="append", dest="modules",
default=[], help="process global modules")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
out = StringIO()
out.write("# Automatically generated, and only used when creating a py2exe distribution\n")
savepath = os.getcwd()
destdir = os.path.join(savepath, options.importdir)
print destdir
if options.importdir:
process(options.importdir, out)
# Need to fake the importing of all the library modules and the editra style
# definition files so py2exe will include them
process('peppy/lib', out, fake=True)
process('peppy/editra/syntax', out, fake=True)
if options.eggs:
process(options.eggs, out, pyc=True)
if options.modules:
for module in options.modules:
process_modules(module, out)
filename = os.path.join(savepath, options.output)
fh = open(filename, 'w')
fh.write("import wx\napp = wx.GetApp()\n")
countname = filename.replace(".py", "")
fh = open(countname, 'w')
fh.write("count = %d\n" % plugin_count)

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