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Table of Contents

Peppy Development Home

-- (ap)Proximated (x)Emacs Powered by Python

This is a wxPython/Scintilla-based editor written in and extensible through Python. It attempts to provide an XEmacs-like multi-window, multi-tabbed interface using the Advanced User Interface (wx.aui) framework of wxPython. Extensibility is based on Yapsy plugins.

This is the home of the development guide for peppy. All documentation about the architecture and inner workings of peppy in the Python language are here. If you're interested in the project management artifacts or the user guides, see the peppy homepage.

User Starting Points

Developer Starting Points


  • Tutorials about adding new menu items and keyboard commands. Probably the best place to begin!
    • HelloWorldTutorial -- Walkthrough of the InsertHelloWorld action showing how to add a simple menu bar and keyboard action
    • SimpleActionTutorial -- Tutorial showing how to create a new action that works with `FundamentalMode` and its subclasses
  • MinorModeTutorial -- Simple example of creating a new minor mode
  • SidebarTutorial -- Adding a simple sidebar
  • MajorModeTutorial -- Adding a new major mode


  • UsingPyParse -- How to use the python parser from IDLE with a Scintilla editing component in Python



For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.
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