Running an SSL site? Don't want mixed content? Expurgate lets you serve non-HTTPS content over HTTPS!
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Running an SSL site? Don't want mixed content warnings? Expurgate lets you serve external, non-HTTPS content over HTTPS!

How it works

On your HTTPS pages, instead of requesting an image over HTTP — which would throw up a mixed content warning in the user's browser — you change the link server-side so that it's passed through expurgate instead. So, instead of:

<img src="">

You'd request:

<img src="">

Expurgate will then fetch and serve it over SSL — meaning that every request on your page is still encrypted, and your users see no mixed content warnings.

Use WordPress?

If you use WordPress, there’s a plugin that will convert all of your in-post images for you: wp-expurgate.

What's this checksum?

So that not just anyone can request images — which would make you, in effect, a free image hosting service — the code calling expurgate is expected to generate a checksum to authenticate its request. This is an SHA-256 HMAC value, based on a shared secret known by both the calling code and expurgate — but not by the viewer of the page.

So, to generate the checksum in the above example, the calling code would look like:

$url = '';

$key = file_get_contents('cache/key.txt');

$checksum = hash_hmac('sha256', $url, $key);

<img src="<?php echo $checksum ?>&url=<?php echo urlencode($url) ?>" />


PHP >= v5.3.0 with hash functions.