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A way to read RSS feeds using Lua and Corona SDK
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This is the new version of the RSS reader for Corona SDK.

It's a much more simplified project eliminating all of the UI bits that seemed to confuse people.

Files now include:

main.lua -- a sample on how to use it, including network download code.
utility.lua -- contains the wonderful PHP style print_r function
rss.lua -- the feed parser.  It has been updated to return the entire feed, not just the items list
xml.lua -- required to parse the RSS file.


However you want, download the RSS file you want to parse and store it in one of your sandbox file directories such as:


or preferably


You need the latest daily build (721) to fully use the system.CachesDirectory since didn't know how to until that daily build.

Then simply call the RSS parser:

    local myfeed = rss.feed(feedFileName, feedPath)

such as:

    local myfeed = rss.feed("index.rss", system.CachesDirectory)

and you will be returned a Lua table into myfeed.

The table will have entries for each thing returned in the RSS feed, like



The list of items is a table in myfeed called items:

    stories = myfeed.items

then each entry in that table have the various fields for each field.

It should be noted that the Dublin Core creator field is supported and its put into the myfeed.dc_creator field.
The content namespace field is supported on individual items only as in myfeed.items[i].content_encoded.

No other namespace is supported at this time.  Though I may add in limited supoort for some media and iTunes name spaces in the future.

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