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// Copyright © 2008-2012 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _FONTCACHE_H
#define _FONTCACHE_H
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "RefCounted.h"
#include "text/TextureFont.h"
#include "text/VectorFont.h"
class FontCache {
FontCache() {}
RefCountedPtr<Text::TextureFont> GetTextureFont(const std::string &name);
RefCountedPtr<Text::VectorFont> GetVectorFont(const std::string &name);
FontCache(const FontCache &);
FontCache &operator=(const FontCache &);
std::map< std::string,RefCountedPtr<Text::TextureFont> > m_textureFonts;
std::map< std::string,RefCountedPtr<Text::VectorFont> > m_vectorFonts;
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