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// Copyright © 2008-2012 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _LUAVECTOR_H
#define _LUAVECTOR_H
#include "vector3.h"
struct lua_State;
namespace LuaVector {
extern const char LibName[];
extern const char TypeName[];
void Register(lua_State *L);
vector3d *PushNewToLua(lua_State *L);
inline void PushToLua(lua_State *L, const vector3d &v) { *PushNewToLua(L) = v; }
const vector3d *GetFromLua(lua_State *L, int idx);
const vector3d *CheckFromLua(lua_State *L, int idx);
inline void PushToLuaF(lua_State *L, const vector3f &v) { PushToLua(L, vector3d(v)); }
inline vector3f CheckFromLuaF(lua_State *L, int idx) { return vector3f(*CheckFromLua(L, idx)); }
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