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// Copyright © 2008-2012 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _SHIP_H
#define _SHIP_H
#include "libs.h"
#include "DynamicBody.h"
#include "ShipType.h"
#include "EquipSet.h"
#include "ShipFlavour.h"
#include "galaxy/SystemPath.h"
#include "BezierCurve.h"
#include "Serializer.h"
#include "Camera.h"
#include <list>
class SpaceStation;
class HyperspaceCloud;
class AICommand;
class ShipController;
namespace Graphics { class Renderer; }
struct shipstats_t {
int max_capacity;
int used_capacity;
int used_cargo;
int free_capacity;
int total_mass; // cargo, equipment + hull
float hull_mass_left; // effectively hitpoints
float hyperspace_range;
float hyperspace_range_max;
float shield_mass;
float shield_mass_left;
float fuel_tank_mass; //thruster, not hyperspace fuel
float fuel_tank_mass_left;
float fuel_use;
class SerializableEquipSet: public EquipSet {
void Save(Serializer::Writer &wr);
void Load(Serializer::Reader &rd);
class Ship: public DynamicBody {
friend class ShipController; //only controllers need access to AITimeStep
friend class PlayerShipController;
enum Animation { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipAnimation prefix=ANIM_>
OBJDEF(Ship, DynamicBody, SHIP);
Ship(ShipType::Type shipType);
Ship() {} //default constructor used before Load
virtual ~Ship();
void SetController(ShipController *c); //deletes existing
ShipController *GetController() const { return m_controller; }
virtual bool IsPlayerShip() const { return false; } //XXX to be replaced with an owner check
virtual void SetDockedWith(SpaceStation *, int port);
/** Use GetDockedWith() to determine if docked */
SpaceStation *GetDockedWith() const { return m_dockedWith; }
int GetDockingPort() const { return m_dockedWithPort; }
virtual void Render(Graphics::Renderer *r, const Camera *camera, const vector3d &viewCoords, const matrix4x4d &viewTransform);
const vector3d &GetFrontViewOffset() const { return m_frontViewOffset; }
const vector3d &GetRearViewOffset() const { return m_rearViewOffset; }
const vector3d &GetFrontCameraOffset() const { return m_frontCameraOffset; }
const vector3d &GetRearCameraOffset() const { return m_rearCameraOffset; }
const vector3d &GetLeftCameraOffset() const { return m_leftCameraOffset; }
const vector3d &GetRightCameraOffset() const { return m_rightCameraOffset; }
const vector3d &GetTopCameraOffset() const { return m_topCameraOffset; }
const vector3d &GetBottomCameraOffset() const { return m_bottomCameraOffset; }
void SetThrusterState(int axis, double level) {
if (m_thrusterFuel <= 0.f) level = 0.0;
m_thrusters[axis] = Clamp(level, -1.0, 1.0);
void SetThrusterState(const vector3d &levels);
vector3d GetThrusterState() const { return m_thrusters; }
void SetAngThrusterState(int axis, double level) { m_angThrusters[axis] = Clamp(level, -1.0, 1.0); }
void SetAngThrusterState(const vector3d &levels);
vector3d GetAngThrusterState() const { return m_angThrusters; }
void ClearThrusterState();
vector3d GetMaxThrust(const vector3d &dir) const;
double GetAccelFwd() const { return -GetShipType().linThrust[ShipType::THRUSTER_FORWARD] / GetMass(); }
double GetAccelRev() const { return GetShipType().linThrust[ShipType::THRUSTER_REVERSE] / GetMass(); }
double GetAccelUp() const { return GetShipType().linThrust[ShipType::THRUSTER_UP] / GetMass(); }
double GetAccelMin() const;
const ShipType &GetShipType() const;
void UpdateEquipStats();
void UpdateFuelStats();
void UpdateViewStats();
void UpdateStats();
const shipstats_t &GetStats() const { return m_stats; }
void Explode();
void SetGunState(int idx, int state);
void UpdateMass();
virtual bool SetWheelState(bool down); // returns success of state change, NOT state itself
void Blastoff();
bool Undock();
virtual void TimeStepUpdate(const float timeStep);
virtual void StaticUpdate(const float timeStep);
void ApplyAccel(const float timeStep);
virtual void NotifyRemoved(const Body* const removedBody);
virtual bool OnCollision(Object *o, Uint32 flags, double relVel);
virtual bool OnDamage(Object *attacker, float kgDamage);
enum FlightState { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipFlightState>
FLYING, // open flight (includes autopilot)
DOCKING, // in docking animation
DOCKED, // docked with station
LANDED, // rough landed (not docked)
HYPERSPACE, // in hyperspace
FlightState GetFlightState() const { return m_flightState; }
void SetFlightState(FlightState s);
float GetWheelState() const { return m_wheelState; }
bool Jettison(Equip::Type t);
virtual bool IsInSpace() const { return (m_flightState != HYPERSPACE); }
void SetHyperspaceDest(const SystemPath &dest) { m_hyperspace.dest = dest; }
const SystemPath &GetHyperspaceDest() const { return m_hyperspace.dest; }
double GetHyperspaceDuration() const { return m_hyperspace.duration; }
enum HyperjumpStatus { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipJumpStatus prefix=HYPERJUMP_>
HyperjumpStatus GetHyperspaceDetails(const SystemPath &dest, int &outFuelRequired, double &outDurationSecs);
HyperjumpStatus CheckHyperspaceTo(const SystemPath &dest, int &outFuelRequired, double &outDurationSecs);
HyperjumpStatus CheckHyperspaceTo(const SystemPath &dest) {
int unusedFuel;
double unusedDuration;
return CheckHyperspaceTo(dest, unusedFuel, unusedDuration);
bool CanHyperspaceTo(const SystemPath &dest, HyperjumpStatus &status) {
status = CheckHyperspaceTo(dest);
return (status == HYPERJUMP_OK);
bool CanHyperspaceTo(const SystemPath &dest) { return (CheckHyperspaceTo(dest) == HYPERJUMP_OK); }
virtual Ship::HyperjumpStatus StartHyperspaceCountdown(const SystemPath &dest);
float GetHyperspaceCountdown() const { return m_hyperspace.countdown; }
bool IsHyperspaceActive() const { return (m_hyperspace.countdown > 0.0); }
virtual void ResetHyperspaceCountdown();
Equip::Type GetHyperdriveFuelType() const;
// 0 to 1.0 is alive, > 1.0 = death
double GetHullTemperature() const;
void UseECM();
virtual bool FireMissile(int idx, Ship *target);
enum AlertState { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipAlertStatus prefix=ALERT_>
AlertState GetAlertState() { return m_alertState; }
bool AIMatchVel(const vector3d &vel);
bool AIChangeVelBy(const vector3d &diffvel); // acts in obj space
bool AIMatchPosVel2(const vector3d &reldir, double targdist, const vector3d &relvel, double endspeed, double maxthrust);
double AIMatchPosVel(const vector3d &relpos, const vector3d &relvel, double endspeed, const vector3d &maxthrust);
void AIMatchAngVelObjSpace(const vector3d &angvel);
void AIFaceDirectionImmediate(const vector3d &dir);
bool AIFaceOrient(const vector3d &dir, const vector3d &updir);
double AIFaceDirection(const vector3d &dir, double av=0);
vector3d AIGetNextFramePos();
vector3d AIGetLeadDir(const Body *target, const vector3d& targaccel, int gunindex=0);
double AITravelTime(const vector3d &reldir, double targdist, const vector3d &relvel, double targspeed, bool flip);
// old stuff, deprecated
void AIAccelToModelRelativeVelocity(const vector3d v);
void AIModelCoordsMatchAngVel(vector3d desiredAngVel, double softness);
void AIModelCoordsMatchSpeedRelTo(const vector3d v, const Ship *);
void AIClearInstructions();
bool AIIsActive() { return m_curAICmd ? true : false; }
void AIGetStatusText(char *str);
Frame *AIGetRiskFrame();
enum AIError { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipAIError prefix=AIERROR_>
AIError AIMessage(AIError msg=AIERROR_NONE) { AIError tmp = m_aiMessage; m_aiMessage = msg; return tmp; }
void AIKamikaze(Body *target);
void AIKill(Ship *target);
//void AIJourney(SystemBodyPath &dest);
void AIDock(SpaceStation *target);
void AIFlyTo(Body *target);
void AIOrbit(Body *target, double alt);
void AIHoldPosition();
void AIBodyDeleted(const Body* const body) {}; // todo: signals
SerializableEquipSet m_equipment; // shouldn't be public?...
virtual void PostLoadFixup(Space *space);
const ShipFlavour *GetFlavour() const { return &m_shipFlavour; }
// used to change ship label or colour. asserts if you try to change type
void UpdateFlavour(const ShipFlavour *f);
// used when buying a new ship. changes the flavour and resets cargo,
// equipment, etc
void ResetFlavour(const ShipFlavour *f);
float GetPercentShields() const;
float GetPercentHull() const;
void SetPercentHull(float);
float GetGunTemperature(int idx) const { return m_gunTemperature[idx]; }
enum FuelState { // <enum scope='Ship' name=ShipFuelStatus prefix=FUEL_>
FuelState GetFuelState() { return m_thrusterFuel > 0.05f ? FUEL_OK : m_thrusterFuel > 0.0f ? FUEL_WARNING : FUEL_EMPTY; }
//fuel left, 0.0-1.0
float GetFuel() const { return m_thrusterFuel; }
//0.0 - 1.0
void SetFuel(const float f) { m_thrusterFuel = Clamp(f, 0.f, 1.f); }
void EnterSystem();
HyperspaceCloud *GetHyperspaceCloud() const { return m_hyperspaceCloud; }
sigc::signal<void> onDock; // JJ: check what these are for
sigc::signal<void> onUndock;
virtual void Save(Serializer::Writer &wr, Space *space);
virtual void Load(Serializer::Reader &rd, Space *space);
void RenderLaserfire();
bool AITimeStep(float timeStep); // Called by controller. Returns true if complete
virtual void SetAlertState(AlertState as) { m_alertState = as; }
virtual void OnEnterHyperspace();
virtual void OnEnterSystem();
SpaceStation *m_dockedWith;
int m_dockedWithPort;
ShipFlavour m_shipFlavour;
Uint32 m_gunState[ShipType::GUNMOUNT_MAX];
float m_gunRecharge[ShipType::GUNMOUNT_MAX];
float m_gunTemperature[ShipType::GUNMOUNT_MAX];
float m_ecmRecharge;
ShipController *m_controller;
float GetECMRechargeTime();
void DoThrusterSounds() const;
void FireWeapon(int num);
void Init();
bool IsFiringLasers();
void TestLanded();
void UpdateAlertState();
void UpdateFuel(float timeStep);
void OnEquipmentChange(Equip::Type e);
void EnterHyperspace();
shipstats_t m_stats;
FlightState m_flightState;
bool m_testLanded;
float m_launchLockTimeout;
float m_wheelState;
int m_wheelTransition;
vector3d m_thrusters;
vector3d m_angThrusters;
vector3d m_frontViewOffset;
vector3d m_rearViewOffset;
vector3d m_frontCameraOffset;
vector3d m_rearCameraOffset;
vector3d m_leftCameraOffset;
vector3d m_rightCameraOffset;
vector3d m_topCameraOffset;
vector3d m_bottomCameraOffset;
AlertState m_alertState;
double m_lastFiringAlert;
struct HyperspacingOut {
SystemPath dest;
// > 0 means active
float countdown;
bool now;
double duration;
} m_hyperspace;
HyperspaceCloud *m_hyperspaceCloud;
AICommand *m_curAICmd;
AIError m_aiMessage;
float m_thrusterFuel; //remaining fuel 0.0-1.0
float m_fuelUseWeights[4]; //rear, front, lateral, up&down. Rear thrusters are usually 1.0
int m_dockedWithIndex; // deserialisation
#endif /* _SHIP_H */
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