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#include "LuaManager.h"
#include "gui/GuiBox.h"
#include <deque>
namespace Gui {
class Label;
class TextEntry;
class TextureFont;
class LuaConsole : public Gui::VBox {
explicit LuaConsole(int displayedOutputLines);
virtual ~LuaConsole();
bool IsActive() const;
Gui::TextEntry *GetTextEntryField() const { return m_entryField; }
void AddOutput(const std::string &line);
static void Register();
bool OnFilterKeys(const SDL_keysym*);
void OnKeyPressed(const SDL_keysym*);
void UpdateCompletion(const std::string & statement);
void ExecOrContinue();
std::deque<std::string> m_statementHistory;
std::string m_stashedStatement;
int m_historyPosition;
Gui::TextEntry *m_entryField;
std::vector<Gui::Label*> m_outputLines;
int m_nextOutputLine;
const int m_maxOutputLines;
std::string m_precompletionStatement;
std::vector<std::string> m_completionList;
unsigned int m_currentCompletion;
#endif /* _LUACHATFORM_H */
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