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// Copyright © 2008-2012 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _FACTIONS_H
#define _FACTIONS_H
#include "galaxy/StarSystem.h"
#include "Polit.h"
#include "vector3.h"
#include "fixed.h"
#include <map>
#include <utility>
class Faction {
static void Init();
static void Uninit();
// XXX this is not as const-safe as it should be
static const Faction *GetFaction(const Uint32 index);
static const Uint32 GetNumFactions();
static const Uint32 GetNearestFactionIndex(const SystemPath& sysPath);
std::string name; // Formal name "Federation", "Empire", "Bob's Rib-shack consortium of delicious worlds (tm)", etc.
std::string description_short; // short description
std::string description; // detailed description describing formation, current status, etc
Polit::GovType govType;
bool hasHomeworld;
SystemPath homeworld; // sector(x,y,x) + system index + body index = location in a (custom?) system of homeworld
double foundingDate; // date faction came into existence
double expansionRate; // lightyears per year that the volume expands.
std::string military_name; // "Space Defense Force", "Imperial Will Enforcement Division"...
//military logo
std::string police_name; // "Police", "Polizia Locale"...
//police logo
//goods/equipment availability (1-per-economy-type: aka agricultural, industrial, tourist, etc)
//static const int SC_NUM_ECONOMY_TYPES = 3;
//EquipType types[SC_NUM_ECONOMY_TYPES][Equip::TYPE_MAX];
//goods/equipment legality
typedef std::map<Equip::Type, uint32_t> EquipProbMap;
EquipProbMap equip_legality;
//ship availability
Color colour;
#endif /* _FACTIONS_H */
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