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#include "libs.h"
#include "mtrand.h"
#include "Object.h"
#include "LmrModel.h"
class Planet;
class SpaceStation;
class Frame;
class Geom;
class Camera;
namespace Graphics { class Renderer; }
#define CITY_ON_PLANET_RADIUS 5000.0
class CityOnPlanet: public Object {
CityOnPlanet(Planet *planet, SpaceStation *station, Uint32 seed);
virtual ~CityOnPlanet();
void Render(Graphics::Renderer *r, const Camera *camera, const SpaceStation *station, const vector3d &viewCoords, const matrix4x4d &viewTransform, double illumination, double minIllumination);
inline Planet *GetPlanet() const { return m_planet; }
static void Init();
static void Uninit();
void PutCityBit(MTRand &rand, const matrix4x4d &rot, vector3d p1, vector3d p2, vector3d p3, vector3d p4);
void AddStaticGeomsToCollisionSpace();
void RemoveStaticGeomsFromCollisionSpace();
struct BuildingDef {
LmrModel *model;
float clipRadius;
int rotation; // 0-3
vector3d pos;
Geom *geom;
// may not be at lower detail level
bool isEnabled;
Planet *m_planet;
Frame *m_frame;
std::vector<BuildingDef> m_buildings;
int m_detailLevel;
// position of city center
vector3d m_position;
#endif /* _CITYONPLANET_H */
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